Hear My Sound

Collector of sound nuggets, I have been a DJ for ten years.

Eclectic traveler, generous music lover and neophyte dancer, I am interested in creation in general and practice animation in various forms.

At the same time father of four children, business manager, co-organizer of festivals and associative volunteer, I bring my know-how in project management and the setting to music of singular moments.


BōM Festival

Maison de Pays, Plan-d'Aups-Sainte-Baume

08 July 2023



Ton corps danse des temps

27 Rue des trois Mages, 13001 Marseille

03 June 2023



Your orders

All terrain and not choosy, I accommodate your desires, your means, and especially your musical history.

To properly prepare for your moment, I take the time to meet you and explore your tastes, your great classics and your latest favourites. A first meeting, which lasts about two hours, allows us to draw up the contours of the evening, to sketch the lines of force and to imagine together the dominant musical colors. I also like to take advantage of this moment to make you discover more confidential, more sought-after sounds, and to probe your reactions.

Following this meeting, we continue to exchange. The rest will be improvised on the dancefloor, in contact with the dancers. And I thank the musicians who allow me to do this.

little bird


July 2022

Charlotte et Fabien

little bird

Ici et ailleurs

December 2023

What a party ! A real success, say all of our friends. With a special round of applause for Monsieur Pioup, whose music selection and mix largely contribute to give a fluid, joyful and punchy color to the party. Believe it or not, but when all fifty-something are swaying their hips on the dancefloor, it means the music is god damn good ! Can't wait for the next one now... :)

Jean & Jérome

little bird

Luberon forever

June 2021

Antoine et Amélie

little bird

Auriol sous le Vent

June 2021

Karine, 40 ans tout juste

little bird


December 2022

Albert et Ginette

little bird

Céline et Maxime

September 2018

Un grand merci!!

little bird

Marseille vue sur mer

June 2022


little bird

Cévennes eleven

July 2020


little bird

quelque part sur terre

July 2017

Béa et Laurent

little bird

Cadenet sur Drâa

September 2016

Anne et Maher

little bird

Marseille Nord !

August 2019

Benoit et Fanny, just married

little bird

Marseille le coeur

September 2021

Eric et Isa, nouveaux grands-parents

My Propositions

An eclectic traveler and polyglot music lover, Mr. Pioup collects from the four corners of the world sounds that make you dream, words that make you smile, beats that make you dance.

He knits everything to measure - and in an improvised way - in front of dancefloors that are always different, but never indifferent.

Electro but not too much, tropical but not calm, rock n' roll my word: everything is good in the box!

Between here and elsewhere, between yesterday and tomorrow, without borders and without taboos, Monsieur Pioup's sets are an invitation to dance, even to trance if affinity.

little bird

Festival La Festouille

July 2022

Mr. Pioup, it's baby dumplings! He set the dancefloor on fire: grandmothers in slibards and young people upside down... Otherwise, more seriously: Monsieur Pioup knew how to win over the public by mixing genres and atmospheres. The eclecticism and the quality of its programming allowed everyone to dance until the end of the night... Perched in his tree, he was the only one not to bounce on his legs... In short, long life to Le Pioup, and thank you to Sir !


little bird

Plan d'Aups Sainte Baume

July 2023

Sometimes the highlight of the show, sometimes the emergency patch, Mr. Pioup - perched in his tree - was able to delight young and old festival takers throughout the event. Performing between gigs with taste, gentleness and talent, he perfectly found the musical colors which, from one piece to another, brought the spectators from one band to another. A superb ervice indeed !

BoM Festival 2024

little bird

Espace Catalpa, Marseille

April 2023

Une après-midi de danse libre et intuitive pour les enfants de 5 à 9 ans. Un moment guidé par Anne-Sophie et Maria, où la musique accompagne le souffle, l'imaginaire et la liberté !

Ton corps danse des temps

little bird

Quelque part sur la mer Méditerranée

September 2021

Imagine & Sens

little bird

Festival GreenSpit

September 2019


little bird

A la montagne

October 2022

Comme un poisson dans la neige